Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Chloe Updates...

A couple weekends ago, Colin and Claudine came to visit and we had a great time enjoying time by the pool and going to the Bavaian Chef. Chloe is still spending one day a week with Kit, which has been really helpful for us. As you will see from some of the pictures below, she is getting big. She loves the water, so bath time or time in the pool is always a happy time for her. She says Mama and Dadda pretty regularly and is beginning to associate those sounds with Grant and I which is so cool. She is quite the crawler and loves to pull herself up to a standing position. Chloe is a very active little girl at 7 1/2 months. She holds her bottle on her own now, but can't quite pick up small object, like Cheerios. Dinner time can sometimes be challenging, but thank goodness for Layla, our dog. She is sure to clean up the mess on the floor, especially after Chloe decided that she will only eat if she can feed herself. she newest frustration, is that when she is in the highchair, and doesn't want to eat, she shakes her head from side to side until the spoon goes away. Amusing, but frustrating. She also loves drinking water from her sippy cup.

Out with Grandma Kit at the pool. Yes, we have plenty of Sunscreen!
Check out the left overs from the Bavarian Chef! I have never seen so much food!
Chloe was eating some of the many sides that are prepared family style at the Bavarian Chef. I don;t think she is sure what to think of them. Not your typical formula taste!

Chloe has these letters that are for the bath that she likes to chew on and explore while getting clean.

After she had pulled her self up in the crib for the first time.

This is one of my favorite pictures, as Chloe is beginning to recognize herself in the mirror as herself. It makes her happy to look at herself before we get in the bath....hopefully she won't be too vain.

Chloe feeding herself...No mommy assistance needed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meghan's Farewell

One of my best friends since 6th grade is moving to Boston and last weekend I had the opportunity hang out with her one last time before she moves in Late June. We had a great day filled with friends and laughs. While visiting Meghan in Harrisonburg, we were also visiting Diana, Wes and Payton. Here are some of the pictures.

Meghan playing with Chloe and Payton.

Getting ready to go for a walk enjoying the day.

Chloe is all smiles and enjoying the sunny day!

Chloe's first horse ride on Blaze with Diana and Meghan. She actually loved this and really wanted to pull the horse's hair.

We were having a great time laughingat their faces. So sweet!

Missing Ashley, but this is our little group. I am really going to miss Meghan, but I love Boston, so I am excited to make it back there again soon.

Texas Part 2: Mom and Richard's Wedding

I will post more on this when I get the pictures next week.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Visit to Texas: Part One--Kimberly's Graduation

On May 14, We headed to Texas again, only this time to Austin and San Marcos to see my baby sister graduate from college. She started out down the path of nursing school, but quickly realized that was not for her. The ended up focusing on Communications instead at Texas State University in their College of Fine Arts. We helped her move out of her apartment the day before (OMG...I'm so glad I am not a college student anymore) and dined at the Gristmill Restaurant and Bar. Most of the place is outside and the tables run along a bank that over looks the Guadalupe River (See Grant Below). It is a spectacular setting located in Gruene, TX where there are many cute little shops and B&Bs. If you are ever in the Austin area, this is a great place to visit. Here's Chloe taking it all in...

The next day, we were up bright and early for the graduation. We got great seats and I was able to snap a photo of Kimberly getting her Diploma. Chloe was very good and slept though most of it, but at least she was there!

We had Her graduation lunch/dinner at the Macaroni Grill near our hotel. Since we were early we were one of the only parties in the restaurant, which is always good when you have a baby. I highly recommend the house wine, which is very good and reasonably priced.

We went out on 6th Street in Austin to celebrate! Chloe, Richard and Mom decided to go on a Carriage ride with Chloe so grant and I could have some adult time out. Chloe spewed all over Richard, which made for a few laughs....

Grant and I at the Library Bar in Austin! No reading or studying going on here....

Monday, May 11, 2009

A wedding and a mother...

When I found out one of my best friends from college, Morgan, was engaged, little did I know when her wedding came around, I would be a mom. I remember when I visited her last year just before she moved back to Philly, I told her I was watching my weight, and didn't want to attend the "oh so great Martini bar" we had been planning to go to for months. Her first reaction, "Yeah right!" What is going on? She knew me too well. There was no way I was turning down a good martini (not that I am an alcoholic or anything, but a social drinker I am). So I spilled the beans. She was newly engaged and I was pergnant.

Moreover, little did I know on the weekend, of her wedding, I would be spending my first mothers day weekend celebrating her new marriage to John, and Grant and I would get our first vacation from being, parents since Chloe was born in November. I must say, it was bliss! We got to sleep in, go to a sheeshy wine bar, walk around with no place to go, have margaritas in the middle of the day, have a picnic lunch in Rittenhouse Square, and go shopping in cute stores that don't exist in Charlottesville. We finally had a beuatiful weekend away with gorgous city weather. A mother and father's day break, but we couldn't help but to think of Chloe.

Look at that face, how could I not miss this precious child?

As we walked though the city, we couldn't help but to notice all the moms with the cute strollers. We said things like, "I've seen about 20 of those strollers" (seriously, if you live in Philly, you are not cool unless you have this stroller). We noticed many fathers with their little buddle snuggled up in infant carriers with their manly diaper bags. For a second, we stopped to think about what it is like being parents in a big city? When we left Chloe with Grant's parents for two days, the back of our Jeep would have suggested we were leaving for a month! How different it would be to have a baby without a car? I would be much skinnier, am sure...Nontheless we couldn't help but to go into every little boutique baby store and admire all the cute baby things, that we couldn't afford...(Seriously, $60 for an infant t-shirt with the Beatles logo). We kept looking at our phones wondering if we should call and check in on Chloe, and we did, and all was well. Seriously, what did we do with ourselves before we had Chloe?

As we shared our weekend with Morgan and John, we met their family and friends. We shared pictures with each other's children and grand children. Each time I attend a wedding, I am reminded of the love I share for my own husband and how our love has shaped me as mother. I hope that Morgan and John can also feel this love someday if they choose. We enjoyed Friday night at the Belmont Mansion with a view of the Philadelphia city Skyline that is priceless. We then shared Sat. night at the Kimmel Center where the ceremony was of the Quaker tradition, where I was honored to share why they should be wed. Despite many blisters, we shared a wonderful evening fully of laughs and dancing to celebrate the new husband and wife.

For Grant and I, this weekend in Philly was about Love. A lifetime of love and happiness for a friend and their new marriage, the love of the city where I used to live, the love of a mother and father missing their daughter, a love for each other and the loving marriage we are so lucky to have.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Social Girl!

Chloe has reached 6 months of age! What doe that mean to you none baby friends? Well, for us it means Chloe is sleeping though the night! 1.) She goes to bed between 7 and 8 and gets up around 6:30 am. 2.) She laughs and smiles more than she cries! This means we can take her lots of places now without people looking at us like they are about to explode because we are the ones with the screaming kid. This has been a lot of fun. 3.) She is 6 months and it has gone by so fast! We are really just trying to take it all in and enjoy all the little moments. She is doing all kinds of fun things now and is really starting to blossom into a little person.

Last weekend, Nikki, Kristin and I went wine tasting at Keswick and Barboursville Vineyards, Two of my favorites. Chloe came with us on our girls day out and we had a blast sampling good wines and enjoying a picnic outside.

We also brought Chloe to Scott's birthday bash where she was happily playing on the floor with her toy.

Grant and I also took her swimming, which was so fun. Enjoy the video of her babbling and newly discovered joy for water.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Visiting Texas!

This past weekend, Chloe had her first plane ride. We visited Grandma Betty and "Gram"pa Richard, Aunt Kimberly and other Texas folks. Chloe did so good on the plane. I couldn't tell if people were gazing at us as we were waiting for our plane because they thought Chloe was cute, or that "oh my God, I hope that baby is not sitting next to me on the plane." Yes, I became the person on the plane I hated most sitting next too!
We safely arrived in the Lone Star State with some great weather. Grandma Betty, Chloe and I were enjoying an early, warm, breezy morning on the country swing in the back yard. Chloe loves this swing, as she was really fascina ted by how the wind was moving the trees.

Kimberly and Chloe enjoying the day outside on the deck, but don't put me down!!!!!