Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Chloe Updates...

A couple weekends ago, Colin and Claudine came to visit and we had a great time enjoying time by the pool and going to the Bavaian Chef. Chloe is still spending one day a week with Kit, which has been really helpful for us. As you will see from some of the pictures below, she is getting big. She loves the water, so bath time or time in the pool is always a happy time for her. She says Mama and Dadda pretty regularly and is beginning to associate those sounds with Grant and I which is so cool. She is quite the crawler and loves to pull herself up to a standing position. Chloe is a very active little girl at 7 1/2 months. She holds her bottle on her own now, but can't quite pick up small object, like Cheerios. Dinner time can sometimes be challenging, but thank goodness for Layla, our dog. She is sure to clean up the mess on the floor, especially after Chloe decided that she will only eat if she can feed herself. she newest frustration, is that when she is in the highchair, and doesn't want to eat, she shakes her head from side to side until the spoon goes away. Amusing, but frustrating. She also loves drinking water from her sippy cup.

Out with Grandma Kit at the pool. Yes, we have plenty of Sunscreen!
Check out the left overs from the Bavarian Chef! I have never seen so much food!
Chloe was eating some of the many sides that are prepared family style at the Bavarian Chef. I don;t think she is sure what to think of them. Not your typical formula taste!

Chloe has these letters that are for the bath that she likes to chew on and explore while getting clean.

After she had pulled her self up in the crib for the first time.

This is one of my favorite pictures, as Chloe is beginning to recognize herself in the mirror as herself. It makes her happy to look at herself before we get in the bath....hopefully she won't be too vain.

Chloe feeding herself...No mommy assistance needed.


Morgan said...

What a cutie-pie. That picture of her with the mirrors is suitable for framing!

The Whites said...

I do LOVE The one of her looking at herself in the mirror too :)